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Message from Providence Health Care
  David Byres
At Providence Health Care our guiding principle is "How You Want To Be Treated". This is intended to be directional for how we treat each other as well as those we serve.

When nurses tell stories of how and when they made a difference to the health of people, when they cared for the body, mind and spirit, with knowledge and competence, when their work gave them meaning, you get a glimpse of the unmeasurable job satisfaction Nursing offers. To make such a difference, to learn and grow in the job, and to have fun requires an environment that lets nurses meet these goals. At Providence Health Care we strive to provide this type of environment.

Providence Health Care is a faith-based care provider and a leading teaching and research organization. We offer a wide variety of practice areas and learning opportunities in acute care, rehabilitation and residential care.

Come and experience how you want to be treated!

- David Byres, Chief of Professional Practice and Nursing

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