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If you are interested in practicing as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in British Columbia you will be required to be registered with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia. In British Columbia, Legislation - the Health Professions Act - permits only currently registered psychiatric nurses to use the title "Registered Psychiatric Nurse" or "RPN".

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and complete the application package request form.   CRPNBC will then send you the forms and information needed to apply for registration.

Practicing Registration Information.

A person is eligible for practicing registration if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • graduate of diploma program in psychiatric/mental health nursing, undergraduate or graduate degree in psychiatric/ mental health nursing, or
  • graduate of diploma program in general nursing, and certificate or advanced diploma in psychiatric/mental health nursing, or undergraduate or graduate degree in psychiatric/ mental health nursing
  • payment of the appropriate fees, as per Schedule E; and
  • acceptable proof of successful completion of the required registration examination in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba according to the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Endorsement Agreement, May 10, 1998.
  • evidence satisfactory to the Registration Committee of the good character of the person consistent with the responsibilities of a registrant and the standards expected of a registrant; and
  • receipt by the Registrar of documents required by the College

An applicant who does not meet the requirements established in subsection (1) may be granted practicing registration where the applicant:

  • has a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities which are, in the opinion of the Registration Committee, substantially equivalent to the requirements established in subsection (1)(a) and (b; and
  • has successfully completed the examinations and any upgrading programs required by the Registration Committee; and
  • meets the requirements set out in subsection (1)(c) and (d); and
  • provides evidence of satisfactory psychiatric nursing practice within previous five years


  • Initial Evaluation fee, payable upon submitting application
    for registration: $500.00
  • Examination fee, payable upon registering for the
    registration exam: $580.00
  • Yearly Practicing membership fee: $430.00 per year
  • One time initial registration/administration fee: $100.00

Interim Registration

In British Columbia, only members with practicing membership in CRPNBC may engage in the practice of psychiatric nursing or call themselves registered psychiatric nurses. One exception to this is nurses holding interim practice permits. Interim practice permits are issued by CRPNBC to allow qualified psychiatric nurses to obtain employment and practice as a psychiatric nurse in B.C. while awaiting practicing registration.

  1. Interim registration may be issued to an applicant for initial registration or renewal of registration further to a decision of the Registration Committee.
  2. The interim registration must clearly state the terms or conditions under which that registration was issued.

Eligibility For Interim Registration

  1. The registrant must meet all of the requirements for registration as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse except for passing the examination, and has applied to write and is waiting to write the examination or has written the examination and is awaiting results; or
  2. The registrant is currently registered as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in another Canadian province or territory and is waiting for verification of satisfactory compliance with requirements for registration by endorsement agreement.

Scope of Practice

  • Registrants are expected to practice according to the Standards of Practice of psychiatric nurses in B.C. and are expected to comply with the Code of Ethics.
  • Registrants are expected to meet the competencies expected of the beginning practitioner of psychiatric nursing in B.C.


  • Registrants may not be in charge of a unit or service.
  • Registrants may not practice without an RPN/RN being available to provide supervision and consultation.

Responsibilities of Employers

  • Employers must ensure the availability of an RPN/RN to provide consultation and supervision to the psychiatric nurse; and
  • The RPN/RN must be available to support safe patient care.

Time Frame

  • The maximum time frame for interim registration is three months.


  • The application fee for an interim practice permit is currently $37.10 Cdn including applicable taxes.

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